- The austral taste of the world -

We are Salmón de Chile, the secret of the southernmost country in the world. The Austral taste of the world. Where the unique conditions of the sea, the mountains, the wind, the rain and our people transform into the perfect conditions for our salmon.

Look for our quality brand

Salmon de Chile is recognized throughout the world by way of its distinctive logotype, which represents the strength and freshness of this unique fish.
Prefer our Salmon de Chile brand.

For every day and for every occasion, whether you chose it in your favorite restaurant or buy it to prepare at home for the whole family.

World producer of Salmon

On a daily basis, the Chilean Salmon Industry provides products to more than 100 international markets. Under the most demanding international quality certifications and with emphasis on occupational safety and wellbeing, food safety and environmental protection. This is a sustainable product and recognized as one of the healthiest and most nutritious foods for human consumption.

- Salmon Recipes -

Important: A person should consume 1g of Omega 3 per day, this fat tip you can get from the preparations you choose with Chilean Salmon, so you protect your health and get the fountain of youth!

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